Presentation Training

The Corporate offer

BlackRook combines the know-how of company directors and the craft of theatre directors – to ensure that you and your team can deliver exactly what’s needed on the big stage.

Rest assured, credibility and humanity beat slick, word perfect Power Point performances every time.

That’s the good news.

We work with you to help you relax as you build on your proposition or message with confidence.

We help you to explain technical and financial information in the most effective way.

And then we teach you exactly how to remind your audience that you’ve succeeded in doing just what you set out to do, as you wrap up your presentation.

We help you make a connection with that audience – even finding some humour when it’s appropriate.

If they snooze – you lose

There’s only one thing worse than sitting through a presentation that fails to hit the mark – and that’s being the person who delivered it.

We teach you how to grab their attention and to keep a tight grip of it – for as long as you need.

We also know that bad writing when communicating important messages undermines completely.

It undermines you and distracts from that important message itself. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

In the written word and in the spoken word BlackRook Media can help you prepare for:

  • Presenting – or pitching – to potential clients to win new business
  • Debates – chaired or attended by media
  • Announcing annual results to media and analysts
  • Recording podcasts or vodcasts to be posted on the company’s website or intranet
  • Making an announcement to staff or colleagues
  • Pitching a new idea or reporting to managers
  • Presenting to potential investors
  • Presenting formally at a company or industry conference


BMW MINI - BlackRook Media helped the company prepare for the launch of the next generation of Mini: Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014

BlackRook Media will prepare you for every scenario What we do in training will protect you from the wrong sort of coverage, prepare you for encounters with journalists and perhaps teach you something about yourself too. We've teamed up with like-minded professionals in the media and the theatre to offer a unique, enjoyable and testing experience that'll leave you confident and very much 'in the know'.

Industry experience that matters

SAINSBURY'S - BlackRook Media's sister company The Harlequin Game has provided team building and presentation training for 80 staff of Sainsbury's Nectar Card marketing company i2C. Good spokespeople are trained, not born. These are the people who build reputations Just as poor spokespeople can ruin your credibility


For expert training, for quality production support, for first class experience right across the media industry, BlackRook is a genuinely big hitter and a first port of call for me and my senior team.

Ian Rumsey Head of Topical, ITN Productions - and BAFTA winner as Programme Editor of ITV's News at Ten

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