Media Coaching

If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware that there are a great many people out there offering ‘media training’.

Our friendly warning is – please beware

Obtain at least two quotes

We think it’s very easy for you to waste your money

If you haven’t done so already, visit our Team page – before you do anything else. Compare our credentials to any competitor. We hope you’ll agree our pedigree is compelling.

And let us assure you that you will be talked through every element of what you’re getting for your cash – with its specific relevance to you and your team very clearly explained – BEFORE we begin our work.

Why bother with it?

It’s certainly true that most senior people in business today will come into contact with the media at some point in their careers. That’s usually a planned encounter – but not always.

This is your opportunity to make sure that when it does happen, you and your team will engage successfully.

Whether delivering financial results, launching new products and services, explaining change or firefighting a crisis situation, dealing with the media is not something to undertake while underprepared.

Get it wrong – risk a serious impact on business

Get it right – both reputation and profits can benefit

Maximise the potential of positive stories.

Make sure journalists get their facts right and be able to correct them with speed when you need to.

And when you are dealing with a crisis, you need to make absolutely sure that your point-of-view is heard and understood by providing clarity and authority in a timely manner.

There’s usually just a very small window of opportunity. You have to respond quickly and you have to do it right first time.

And that’s where BlackRook Media can help.


BMW MINI - BlackRook Media helped the company prepare for the launch of the next generation of Mini: Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014

BlackRook Media will prepare you for every scenario What we do in training will protect you from the wrong sort of coverage, prepare you for encounters with journalists and perhaps teach you something about yourself too. We've teamed up with like-minded professionals in the media and the theatre to offer a unique, enjoyable and testing experience that'll leave you confident and very much 'in the know'.

Industry experience that matters

SAINSBURY'S - BlackRook Media's sister company The Harlequin Game has provided team building and presentation training for 80 staff of Sainsbury's Nectar Card marketing company i2C. Good spokespeople are trained, not born. These are the people who build reputations Just as poor spokespeople can ruin your credibility


Gavin was very attentive to our needs in striking the right balance throughout the filming schedule and he did a great job in keeping everyone happy and in ensuring that everyone stayed ‘on board.

John Hoy Chief Executive,Blenheim Palace

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