BlackRook’s First Year

In our first year in business BlackRook Media has provided consultancy services for some well established names in broadcasting and commerce

Here’s the story of that first year – with some recommendations from the people who have worked with us. Thanks to all of them for the business. Here’s to the future…

We ran the Project Phase of the start up global television and online news and entertainment broadcaster ARISE Networks.

They said:
Alan Rook’s role as Commissioning Editor of Arise News and Arise 360 has been fundamental to the development of these global TV channels.


From the concept and initial planning through to extensive development and working with colleagues across three continents and across many different areas of production, Alan has worked tirelessly responding to organisational issues, and potential problems with the utmost professionalism and clarity.

Alan’s skills, knowledge and experience from his career in TV are second to none, but he stands out – head and shoulders above others – for his businesslike, but kind and friendly approach to his colleagues and working partners.
I have the utmost admiration for him and what he has achieved.

Neil Stainsby, Global Executive Director
ARISE News – Sky channels 517 & 590 – now in HD

In January 2013 BlackRook was commissioned to provide consultancy services for the leading UK business strategists Xsequor.

We’re now advising clients developing groundbreaking software and technology services for broadcasters.

We’re also producing films that’ll help reveal the background to their pioneering work at global trade shows during 2013.


January 2013 also saw BlackRook’s Managing Director engaged to provide communications counsel for the Government-funded UK health charity The Caxton Foundation


We worked with iQ Studios on media training and corporate video projects
They said:
BlackRook Media are a highly credible and professional group of media trainers.
As broadcast consultants they know their industry inside out. You can rely on them to deliver insight, to deliver results and to deliver value for money.
–Shan Qaisar, Chief Executive


In January 2013 BlackRook Media won the contract to handle communications and marketing for Cambridge Farmhouse Furniture


We worked with Decisive Media on securing broadcast infrastructure and premises and on planning online editorial services
They said:
Alan Rook’s editorial pedigree with big broadcasters is well known, but working with him on the ARISE Networks project I have also been particularly impressed with the way he handles relationships across technical, operations and support functions – both within the organisation and across a wide range of contractors internationally.
Channel start-ups are huge projects and this one is on a global scale. He’s shown great leadership and great diplomacy in dealing with many challenging situations against testing and often immovable deadlines.
–Simon Wall, Chief Operations Officer


We worked with global media services company DMA Media on planning the editorial and operational launch of a new global TV channel and online service
They said:
Alan Rook provided world class leadership during the pre-launch project phase of the ARISE network, setting in place a global TV and multimedia service focusing on parts of the world which do not receive the attentions of traditional media.
Alan’s media experience and his excellent communications skills allowed him to create and manage a team which laid the foundations for the network’s successful launch. He was able to take the original vision for the service, add to it and turn it into a practical media product.
He was involved in the selection of the senior management team, whom he trained and guided. He co-ordinated inputs from Africa, Asia and the USA, as well as the UK hub.
His contribution was pivotal to the development of the network.

–Rob Beynon, Chief Executive


We agreed a media training partnership with the independent production company Exclusive TV
They said:
I have known and worked with Alan Rook for more than 20 years. In my opinion, he is a journalist of the highest order and a gentleman of the highest class.
Alan is a dedicated, hard-working and exceptionally talented person who has experience in TV, print, leadership, change management, social media, running his own business… and more.
He is a creative man who is both loyal to those he works with, and for, but also remains true to his own ideals and thoughts.
Popular with his staff, valued by senior managers and respected by all.
We’re delighted to be doing business with BlackRook Media in 2013 and beyond.
–Ian Rumsey, Chief Executive



BMW MINI - BlackRook Media helped the company prepare for the launch of the next generation of Mini: Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014

BlackRook Media will prepare you for every scenario What we do in training will protect you from the wrong sort of coverage, prepare you for encounters with journalists and perhaps teach you something about yourself too. We've teamed up with like-minded professionals in the media and the theatre to offer a unique, enjoyable and testing experience that'll leave you confident and very much 'in the know'.

Industry experience that matters

SAINSBURY'S - BlackRook Media's sister company The Harlequin Game has provided team building and presentation training for 80 staff of Sainsbury's Nectar Card marketing company i2C. Good spokespeople are trained, not born. These are the people who build reputations Just as poor spokespeople can ruin your credibility


Alan Rook has great multimedia experience and has worked for some of the biggest names in TV. I would certainly recommend him for knowledge, tenacity, and most of all the ability to engender trust with clients.

Neil Henderson Head of Communications, Mastercard (UK and Ireland)

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