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BlackRook Media was formed by Alan Rook in the spring of 2012. He saw an opportunity to bring together a talented group of UK broadcast, communications and digital media professionals. A group whose combined skills provide a compelling offer to prospective clients. That’s because their experience is based upon on-going, real world involvement in hands-on, senior roles in broadcasting, journalism and public relations. Our team members – all of them – are today active service providers for genuinely significant organisations in Europe and in Africa. Alan Rook is a journalist who has worked for 25 years in broadcast, print and online – 15 of those years served in senior management roles for major players in UK and international media.

He’s now assembled a management team of consultants and formed alliances with several like-minded businesses internationally to make BlackRook – and this website – a one-stop shop for all of your media needs. You can find out more about Alan and the rest of BlackRook’s Leadership Team by clicking here, but first… Here’s what we can do for you:


BlackRook sets up production teams and entire TV stations: We guide clients through the process of winning broadcasting licenses, finding the right premises and setting the right content schedule. We advise on and provide recruitment services, production training and all the mechanics for launching on air. BlackRook has a broad and international contacts base for acquiring affordable content and highly developed industry nous on how to produce programmes in-house cost-effectively

We make TV programmes: News, Current Affairs, Documentaries and Factual Entertainment shows – on location and a whole range of live and recorded studio based programmes too. From political debates to entertainment and technology magazine shows

We supply production personnel: Individuals or entire teams of senior journalists, producers, directors, researchers, presenters, graphic artists, technicians and support staff. BlackRook has all the multi-skilled people you need for your TV project – ready to work to your production brief and your budget

We advise industry on TV: We help prove and develop new software systems for production environments. We test staffing structures, roles, responsibilities and training to maximise cost efficiency. We also test and advise on the mechanics of effectively supervising production. BlackRook examines how best to direct and motivate teams within every new environment – offering bespoke strategies on the provision of timely, targeted and significant management feedback that’ll improve performance fast


BlackRook can help protect your reputation: Our team is well versed in Crisis Management – in the private and public sector. Or, if you simply have a challenging message to communicate – to customers or to your staff – we can help plan the best way to do it

BlackRook makes marketing and staff development films: Outward-facing promotions – or internal messaging aimed at your intranet. Our team has deep experience of producing both. You can read about some of our clients in the coming pages

We develop social media strategies: We work with companies on bespoke solutions to specific campaigns. We never employ a one size fits all approach. We always examine exactly who we’re speaking to and exactly how we should do that to create maximum effect

We’ll be your Press Office: If you have a message you need to get out there we have the contacts base to get that message to the people you need to reach – in print, on radio, on television and online

And, by the way – if you do PR and Communications business with us we’ll support you on a 24/7 basis – at no extra charge


We’ll teach you how to deal with the media: We know because we’re it… First read a little more about who we are and what we’ve done. We’re sure that’ll convince you that you’ll be talking to the right people. Then explore our Media Coaching pages here on the site for a run-down of how we can help you prepare to engage and succeed…

We provide broadcast production training: BlackRook and its partner companies offer a range of professional training courses for broadcasters across writing, reporting, production, digital media, editing, camera work, media law and regulatory compliance

We provide corporate production training: Our consultants devise video strategies for business. Our service is aimed at teaching you and your team how you can yourselves regularly refresh your website and add significant power to your daily online social media messaging with self-produced, affordable, quality video with real impact

We train presenters: We coach TV professionals and we help business people preparing to speak to colleagues and clients. Our team of BlackRook associates has recruited, managed and coached some household names in the UK. Importantly, we deal with preparation and presentation of the written word, as well as the spoken word. That’s absolutely key. Whatever level you’re at, talk to us and decide for yourself. We’re sure we can help


We’ll devise social media strategies: Our BlackRook team includes a woman named as one of the UK’s top digital innovators in the media, by journalism.co.uk. An accolade that puts her in pole position to help you get it right – reaching exactly who you need to, exactly how you should do

We produce social media video: This isn’t about paying consultants a king’s ransom to make little films for your website. It is about teaching you and your staff how you can yourselves daily power your online messaging with self-produced, affordable quality video with real impact. And we continue to support with advice after we’ve trained at no extra charge

We teach you how to use social media: Think you know already? Talk to our national award winner and the BlackRook team will show you how to really get the best out of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo and more…

Now meet the BlackRook leadership team


BMW MINI - BlackRook Media helped the company prepare for the launch of the next generation of Mini: Autumn 2013 - Spring 2014

BlackRook Media will prepare you for every scenario What we do in training will protect you from the wrong sort of coverage, prepare you for encounters with journalists and perhaps teach you something about yourself too. We've teamed up with like-minded professionals in the media and the theatre to offer a unique, enjoyable and testing experience that'll leave you confident and very much 'in the know'.

Industry experience that matters

SAINSBURY'S - BlackRook Media's sister company The Harlequin Game has provided team building and presentation training for 80 staff of Sainsbury's Nectar Card marketing company i2C. Good spokespeople are trained, not born. These are the people who build reputations Just as poor spokespeople can ruin your credibility

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